e-commerce has long been considered only to be B2B, C2C, B2C, it seems that all the sales terminal business is called e-commerce. In fact, Alibaba detonated the 1 era of e-commerce, e-commerce sales terminal known. Then with the e-commerce turnover and the company continues to expand the scale, grow with each passing day company management and supply chain management complexity, enterprise management based on the integration of online, e-commerce sales, business management services, supply chain management after the end of collaborative e-commerce era is coming.


Kingdee Youshang April 8th

seamless integration of Kingdee kis, officially announced the line integration of e-commerce, high-profile e-commerce into the market for small business. From Youshang the latest revision of the website www.youshang.com, Kingdee Youshang ambition is devouring completely bared there and then, after the era of e-commerce market share.

of course, as an industry, according to my long-term observation and analysis, after the era of e-commerce will not be a dominant situation. Fall from Ali software came, Wei library site users too horrible to look at traditional software companies that lack of Internet products operation, Internet Co to make a carefully crafted and enterprise management products based on user demand. If the software company is able to join forces with Internet Co, which will accelerate the arrival of the era of e-commerce climax.


Alibaba as the leader of e-commerce 1, to the domestic e-commerce sales side has brought earth shaking changes in the history of e-commerce in China can occupy a seat. However, along with the traditional enterprise software such as Kingdee Youshang force, develop the electronic commerce enterprise management, supply chain management side of the market, let the enterprise / site management, supply, sales, customer, financial and other seamless integration after the e-commerce era has come. Just imagine, if the enterprise online management products ranked first in Youshang and Alibaba, taobao.com, Jingdong mall, Vancl, LightInthebox seamless integration of financial data such as sales site, the customer can be synchronized to the enterprise management account, without manual input, I affirm that there will be China e-commerce flowers contend in prosperity.

regardless of Internet Co software or software company Internet, finally is the same. After the era of e-commerce will replace the electronic commerce business management single, this is a historical trend, and e-commerce sales terminal, terminal management, seamless integration of the supply chain will end off a new round of e-commerce frenzy, which will soon become the commanding heights after the era of e-commerce.

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