1, as far as possible to sell some of the characteristics of the East (if you sell clothes, then you sell pants. You can also sell stones, grandma embroidered insoles and so on. Goods less, there are characteristics of the store can apply for Taobao home features recommended shops. You only need to write to the waiter if approved, he will arrange for you, more people will be able to see you. The basin has tasted the sweetness of recommendation, so be sure to share with you. If you can apply for a large number of sellers recommend.

      2, as much as possible in Taobao and many other forums, multiple articles, let others have the impression of you (signature must not forget), but also willing to click on your shop. Open shop on the Internet, should be sufficient to ensure that the Internet time, in a timely manner to answer the question of the buyer of your goods.

      3, to add new goods, let people see, will not feel tired.

      4, the store opened for a while, you can secretly contact with others, exchange of friendship connection. Everyone can only add 6 connections, so cherish. Through the exchange connection, you can form a small network, can enhance each other’s influence.

      5, to open their own shop to tell you all the things you know, you can also leave their own address on the QQ, through the power of word of mouth propaganda.

      6, to a certain period of time, with some feelings, you can write the mood story, which is recommended in the home page, and will increase the visibility of many.

  7, to seize every opportunity to publicize, can see other people buy things, if you just sell stuff is a class, you can give each other a message or send a private letter. Do this once in a while and make sure you get good results.

      8, keep your shop is a commodity is yiyuanqipai, this is the spirit, to gather popularity in a short period of time.

      9, the most important thing is honesty, whether to buy or sell things.

    10, in the Taobao website and forum around, good learning experience of others.

      11, if it is to sell clothing shoes and hats, bags and other things, it is recommended to take photographs, hand should have a similar digital camera (at least 2 million pixels). It is possible to shoot in the outdoors, at the same time with a real model. Let the goods have a sense of three-dimensional, more real. After the photo shoot, in the Photoshop simple processing, such as appropriate to increase the contrast, adjust brightness. Size control

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