said the new old topic in SEO, not OUT, after all the network update quickly, website promotion is also change rapidly, but the most basic optimization technology is never constant, the only difference is the way for site optimization in proportion. With the search engine algorithm, optimization method is also advancing with the times, but when you encounter when you want the website, how to restore your

optimization method?

website optimization often come into contact with many websites, as a proxy for a variety of new webmaster bullish website drop right phenomenon, or because the server, or because the site itself. Even if the station is not necessarily a veteran in battle can accurately determine the cause of the new site is down right, even more difficult. Today I want to share the website optimization Dennis Wise remark of an experienced person right down the website is for novice recovery strategy.

first, the network log clever identification.

site is usually right down the site means that there is a problem, if you want to restore the weight of the site first to diagnose the problem, and then targeted to solve the problem. If you do not know where the problem is, when the network log is the best way to detect, I suggest to check the spider return code, according to the corresponding return code to determine the reasons for the site was down right. If the content of the website because of quality problems, then it will do what station information collected by changes to the pseudo original level, while improving the site of high quality original proportion; if the website space, so it is best for a good server.

second, site update frequency to be stable.

when solving the problems of the site, it is necessary to use the optimization method to promote the early resumption of the weight of the site. So as the site’s SEOer to stabilize the site’s update frequency, to maintain the site before the update status. If you can determine the crawling time of spider, it is recommended that every day in the spider crawling before the 10 – 20 minutes to update and maintain stability, update the article update, in order to regain trust in the search engine can also enhance the site’s personal charisma, gain weight lifting.

third, the high quality of the chain transfer weight to restore.

all the links outside the site belong to the site of the chain, including links. Although the role of the chain is far less than before, but the high quality of the chain, especially the high quality of the relevance of the chain is to restore the weight of the site is a favorable measure. We can go to a number of high quality forum, website production chain, can also look for some of the same high quality website exchange links. Of course, I also often contribute through the article to be reproduced in the form of the chain. General a good article to bring the chain and the site is not the flow of the reprint.

fourth, "fixed" page, not frequently updated.

relative to the site’s information update, the web page is best not to make changes, whether it is a website template or plate changes, it is best not to even a source code

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