still remember in May 31st that "fresh electricity business doubt Yonghui half the sky quietly off the assembly line" report? Since March this year announced a high-profile layout Yonghui fresh electricity market, the electricity supplier of fresh market had become the focus of everyone’s attention, many people think half of world Yonghui line indicates the end of its fresh road. In spite of this, still adhere to the "announced in August this year, Yonghui, hoping to fight fresh electricity" to stand up from failure.

in the composite class shopping platform for the development goals of the leader Zhang Jindong has said that Suning will realize the whole category expansion in the future, in addition to fresh, Suning what are sold. The development of, all the giant electricity providers have obvious to people, put aside to talk about the development of the electricity supplier, is China’s fresh electricity supplier is really can not see the future.

fresh development bottleneck: logistics

because of the value of fresh, fresh, so fresh products shipped to consumers must be completed in a short time. I learned from the 366EC e-commerce market department, in the current fresh electricity supplier, from the order to receive the goods, the shortest need half a day, up to three days. The purchase of goods, fresh can not be found, so at this stage, the logistics speed has become the biggest contradiction of fresh electricity supplier. On the other hand, from the current distribution capacity, distribution range of fresh electricity can bear the common only in the city, for different orders is not supported, not the national network, the fine positioning is also unable to set.

believe that everyone on the recently "litchi business wars" has been heard, we all know the litchi preservation time is very short, "one day after two days of incense, three, four, taste, color and flavor do, but every summer, demand of litchi temptation always makes people hard to control. Although SF preferred, Tootoo and original life billion in capital investment in the self built cold chain distribution, to achieve 30 hours of delivery of fresh litchi is possible, but in the long term, due to the special nature of fresh goods, if only to solve the problem of high cost, is not conducive to sustainable development. Logistics is still a bottleneck restricting the development of fresh electricity supplier in china.

fresh electricity supplier status: efforts to jointly promote

China’s fresh electricity development doomed to endure twists and hardships, but the industry still for fresh electricity suppliers have high confidence. As of now, I bought the network, SF preferred, the original life, Hoda, Tootoo, excellent dish network, Dolly farm, Zhengda heaven and earth, easy fruit net, according to the valley network have started to enter the fresh fields, through the recent "litchi war", the fresh electricity providers seem to have a little the sense of achievement, at least to see a glimmer of hope. In particular, the second Dongguan litchi Festival, the good news of Litchi in Dongguan by electricity suppliers to go out, is to let the Chinese fresh electricity mode have been optimistic about the trend, second online network worms litchi Festival is one of the organizers responsible Hong Peng said: "a lot of people say that fresh hard to do, but it is another point of view, fresh e-commerce is the inside of the blue ocean.

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