not long ago in China, the exclusive introduction of Topshop and high-profile product network has recently been caught in the storm of layoffs, not only lay off more than half of some office buildings have begun to hire outside. Can not help but cause speculation in the industry, whether the luxury electricity supplier model to the crossroads. Industry experts believe that in China, online selling luxury outlook is uncertain, so rely on the burn to maintain "dealer" mode, and not a virtuous cycle.

product line is still exposed layoffs storm

not long ago, there are luxury electric business insiders told the Beijing Business Daily reporter revealed that the product is still suspected of large-scale layoffs. It is understood that the product is still in the stable development of the number of employees in the 400 or so, the current number of employees more than 100 people. This means that the quality of the network or the layoffs of more than 200 people.

got the news, Beijing Daily reporter the first time arrived at the Chaoyang District road Beijing City, No. 1, three Mao long cultural creative industry park A building Luxuries network office for further understanding. Four storey office building is still the site of the daily work of the product, the security and the front desk staff work as usual, from time to time staff access.

"I heard they have cut more than a month, the third floor and the four floor was for rent." Mao long cultural and creative industry park staff told the Beijing daily reporter.

layoffs, the Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters Shang and Zhou Shang Shang CEO Zhao Shicheng, the other said inconvenience to accept telephone interviews. Subsequently, a reporter asked about the matter to Luxuries network public relations department by email, but as of press time, the other side is still not to reply.

this is not the first time the product was rumored layoffs news. In early 2012, LuxeHome network had a layoff rumors pushed in the teeth of the storm. And when the fashion products network responded that the company is only the organizational structure adjustment.


light luxury useful

from the beginning of the end of 2011, has won over and over again to invest in the luxury electricity supplier industry into a concentrated collapse. From the end of 2011 to 2012, there have been many luxury electricity supplier failures. And after this, in addition to last year had received a new round of financing outside the temple library network, luxury electricity supplier industry rarely successful refinancing cases.

in 2012, when the news came out of layoffs, the industry also generally believe that because the financing is not in place.

"luxury mostly by constantly burn to maintain operations, this business model itself is very limited profit space. For investors, they just want the enterprise once the city, their own interests, divestment leave." He and the international brand investment management group president Yang Dayun believes that the luxury business is so difficult to get the genuine authority, the domestic electricity business environment facing fight low-cost vicious spiral, online shopping groups are highly sensitive to the price of luxury luxury shopping sites, it is difficult to maintain the number and high customer loyalty.

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