created the cherries, avocado and other sales miracle fresh orchard every day to choose a path of both the money and the traffic. Yesterday, there was news that the orchard every day to get tens of millions of dollars in investment Jingdong. Jingdong relevant person in charge of the Beijing Daily reporter confirmed the above investment news. Coincidentally, the double backer, delicious 77 business fields also find money and business. In the industry view, did not see the double support money dawn fresh electricity supplier still need money and flow, the comprehensive business platform is to find a fast overweight category of fresh cut.

find a tree

vertical fresh electricity supplier began to invest in electricity supplier platform. Beijing Chinese commercial news reporters learned yesterday from the Jingdong, Jingdong has completed investment in orchards every day. Although did not disclose the specific amount of investment, but insiders said that the investment is expected to be announced recently. Another message shows that the amount of investment this orchard every day with the previous Jingdong investment hungry Mody, home food will be close to tens of millions of dollars. However, insiders told the Beijing Daily reporter, said the investment as early as the beginning of this year has reached an agreement, the amount of investment of about $100 million.

orchard every day is the establishment of an earlier fresh electricity supplier, has participated in the war with the son of the car, litchi and other fresh electricity supplier industry renowned marketing activities. At that time, and every orchard competitors have also had to be incorporated, with the group’s preferred SF hey off store sales in addition to fresh integration, all kinds of goods; Shanghai two other well-known fresh delicious and 77 fields have also been net, Amazon and the flying cow net investment.

according to the Beijing Daily reporter statistics, the leading supplier of fresh power, only the original life network and easy to maintain independent development of fresh fruit, Tootoo is still backed by nine group.


have both money flow

every day, orchard, Tootoo etc. fresh business enterprise has not been a lack of attention to the capital market. The industry, it seems, want to get the orchard every day from the Jingdong is not just that tens of millions of dollars, and behind the huge traffic.

although the orchard itself is an electronic business platform every day, but in the past a lot of sales actually come from ali. Insiders said that every day Tmall flagship store sales accounted for at least half of total sales. Last year the double 11 day statistics show that every orchard Taobao index of more than second 300%, more than third 2400%, a line of fruit day sales record, a fresh, fruit two categories of "double first".

but the insider said, Tmall last year began to force Tmall supermarket in fresh category and have no choice but to choose another orchard every day, a fresh fruit fresh and easy. In the eyes of the people, which has a huge impact on the orchard every day. It is understood that in the days before Tmall users scared out in a cold sweat "apple Tmall first" marketing activities, partners is easy to fresh fruit.

Wan Qing consulting CEO Lu Zhenwang said, fresh.

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