in recent years, the suffering of the department store industry try to make changes in the way with eighteen Wu Yi.

in the department store or deep or shallow attempt, intime business group (hereinafter referred to as intime) transformation of the most eye-catching, in addition to Alibaba shares, and Baidu, Tencent are inextricably linked.

from this level, the traditional department stores are trying to be more modern, science and technology fan children, the Internet of such factors implanted Department store. The problem is, so the

department can be getting better?

fighter intime

because intime more and more frequent cooperation with Internet Co, intime in the industry known as the department store Internet Co".

recently, intime announced its access to Baidu’s products BaiduEye (smart glasses), to explore the field of intelligent business. This is intended to provide consumers with the first perspective consumer experience. Baidu chose BaiduEye Chinese retail intime as the first partner, vice president, Baidu Institute depth learning laboratory (IDL) director Yu Kai said, intime is a fancy with a wide range of entity chain advantage and Internet thinking.

intime with internet thinking from its cooperation with Internet Co, the deepest source of business is Alibaba. In March this year, Alibaba to HK $5 billion 370 million strategic investment intime business. Subsequently, intime cooperation with Alibaba launched a series of products.

is most proud of is intime and Alipay jointly launched a virtual membership card intime treasure, open up the card, stored value, pay the whole chain. Intime business data, intime treasure on-line a month, more than 1 million 700 thousand people through the mobile phone platform for Taobao and Alipay wallet registered members, more than the total number of members of the intime line entity stores in 16 years.

day before intime and Alibaba’s Amoy little cooperation, the use of iBeacon micro positioning + indoor navigation technology, the introduction of catering shopping guide shopping center project.

intime and Alibaba before becoming a family, last year, double eleven intime and Tmall mall O2O areas of cooperation, intime line of the next two stores involved in the double eleven big promotion. This year 3· 8 mobile Taobao Shopping Festival, intime once again fully cooperate with ali.

stake in Alibaba intime, whether it is the outside world or intime themselves are looking forward to the future. Strong Alibaba has a wealth of members and massive data, if the two can open up resources to each other, power infinite. The ideal future is: the two cooperation, the two sides will realize the membership system, payment system and commodity docking system, so as to build a foundation system to get through online and offline business, to achieve commodity trading online and offline, affiliate marketing and membership services seamlessly unicom.

addition, intime also supports WeChat payment. So far, intime BAT giant hand. Transition to O2O >

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