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website promotion is to bring a lot of traffic to the site, and in many of the promotion methods use the webmaster in almost all that promotion exists after the website traffic change is very large, showing the trend of instability, may be the day before the flow is very high, a to the two day web traffic fell to the state before the promotion. This state of instability, which we attribute to flow. Do website promotion, in order to obtain the effective and stable flow, let the site to retain the user, which can produce subsequent economic benefits. So how to make the site to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion, access to the site’s stable flow?

first, lock the site precision client

for the marketing of e-commerce sites, access to accurate traffic can help companies save costs and be able to bring the product to the extreme potential customers and target customers. This precise flow can be very obvious conversion rate, is very conducive to product sales. Through the search engine keywords or through the online advertising to visit the site of the customer is very interested in the customer, the product has the desire to consult and understand can be prompted to produce its search and click action. For such an accurate customer access, the site also needs to be selected in the key words and online advertising production and delivery.

two, lock site content

the content of a web site allows users to stop is not to see whether the content of this site is a lot of very wide, but depends on whether the content of the site is fine. Web site users visit your site every day is to visit the web site on its useful content, "fine" in the website content can be understood as follows: 1. Part of the essence from the network to collect, a larger part should be from the original site. The original is the essence of the content. 2, the site’s content is to select a particular industry or a few other related content. A wide range of forms is not suitable for enterprise website or industry site, just for the portal site, do not have to try. 3, the content of the site is to attract customers from the point of view, the use of the user’s browsing psychology to select.

three, persistent website foundation promotion

based website promotion refers to the daily website promotion work includes: soft Wen promotion, Links promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, website promotion, network promotion, encyclopedia promotion, inquiry platform promotion, mail promotion and promotion of new micro-blog promotion or website promotion refers to the cautious speculation. Although many people think that this promotion effect is not very obvious. Rome was not built in a day, you want to see the final promotion effect, need to persevere unremittingly. And learn more about SEO related knowledge, with the promotion of the site’s foundation, to bring more traffic to the site.

four, suitable for search engine bidding rank

if you only use the foundation to promote the implementation of the website

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