since Taobao officially released a new product search ranking rules, many small sellers said they did not understand, because according to the official rules, now not to goods shelves for Junki but by the seller service quality to determine the ranking. In fact, this company in Ma Yun’s view, the move is very right, big sellers should have their own development better, small sellers also want to adapt to this change, after all, the adjustment of the rules we have to improve the network quality of service, only one purpose, let China e-commerce practitioners into a new commercial civilization, all don’t be impatient, so for Taobao C2C online store, what the future development trend which has several? Easou that mainly has the following three:

trends: independent shop. Of course, this is for Taobao for many years removed from the shop, when the commodity trading volume as well as the shop level reaches a certain level, I believe that many shopkeepers are thinking about how to create their own brands, online sales are like physical stores, may not always be just a grocery store in the network world, amidst the winds of change. It is necessary to establish their own network brand image.

also set up their own independent shop can rely on search engines to get higher flow, convenient operation and unique management, warehousing, logistics and other aspects of the model, in fact, this shop model has a Taobao gold crown seller in the implementation, many shop system have been developed, most probably by domestic shopex. ECSHOP this kind of online program, now many websites already offer free template download, art design will focus on brand effect.

trends two: settled in Taobao mall. Taobao mall integrates thousands of brands, manufacturers, to provide one-stop solutions for businesses and consumers. Provide 100% quality assurance of goods, no reason to return after 7 days of after-sales service, as well as shopping points back and other quality services. Taobao is different from the business enterprise as a seller, so if you want to have absolute quality assurance.

but Taobao mall is now a way of charging, charge margin, if there is a dispute, Taobao will pay in advance. The company is trying to say, as if small sellers, your product has the absolute advantage of the supply, then join Taobao mall is the future development trend of good, because here you can enjoy the formal business treatment, to establish a good image, after all, the majority of buyers see the quality of products and services. You may also become a big seller opportunity.

three trends: both online and offline. Many small sellers start to retail way try to online business, it is because of this Taobao platform so the achievements of the dream of many people, but the traditional physical store also has its richly endowed by nature mode of operation, when the shop has a certain scale, suppliers, logistics, warehousing has been formed, then select location is a kind of development mode of physical stores, the need to look at your personal preferences, can also be supplemented by shop based entities, after all, if the position.

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