home building materials industry in recent years more and more fire, and local home sites are also up. Local industry website has its own characteristics, that is, less traffic, advertising is more difficult to pull. The home site to integrate themselves into the industry to lead the user to carry out the purchase became the site, businesses, the audience linked up, and even become a magic weapon for profit. But this is only reflects the Home Furnishing website as a platform and intermediary advantage, the more advantages of the use of the Internet has not been reflected, in many cases, the local Home Furnishing website is like business clerk, for little return endless toil. How to the audience’s consumer psychology, advertising psychology and home sales site closely linked it? We look at the Changchun home network (www.0431jiaju.cn) is how to do it.

with the Changchun Home Furnishing market is more and more prosperous, the Home Furnishing stores and building materials supermarkets and Home Furnishing media have sword, Hin tricks. Now is the peak season for decoration, decoration, decoration, all kinds of promotional group purchase, one after another, the material stores, building materials supermarkets, media organizations, to the decoration of the owners can go almost every few days in speeding". These promotional activities of group purchase discount, a multitude of names, anniversary sweepstakes, group purchase, the auction site Jicai, dazzling.

The consumption characteristics of

home industry is quite obvious, on the one hand because of professional product quality and function identification so that consumers confused, on the other hand, the price is also very asymmetric information. Compared with other retail industry, consumers on the one hand in the observation of business promotion, on the other hand, hope to change the status of individual vulnerable groups through the media.

group purchase, initially by the owners on the Internet, spontaneous, initiative, together with the "group" a bargain. Home buyers have been the main position of home improvement procurement.

Changchun Jiezhuang group purchase rise in 2004 or so, some are home decoration people through the network have the same joint purchase intention of the owners, unified group orders to suppliers, change the weak position of consumers in the past, in order to strive for the lowest possible price and higher quality service. At that time the group purchase is very simple, including the initiator, is for their own interests, and so are businesses when the bargain "cidaojianhong", often because and businesses could not agree on the price and the collective leave.

with more and more people are familiar with the purchase, Changchun, a number of media organizations have been buying activities. Once when the number of group purchase Jiezhuang become fashionable for a time by the media to act as an intermediary "bargain meeting". This is not only a group purchase, sale of goods, is a wonderful variety show: smart host high-profile appearances, talk rapidly to bargain with the seller, claiming to "squeeze the price of business of water", strive for the highest interests of owners; on the one hand the business turns to play, self promotion, in the host "offensive" the discount rate cut frequently; the audience is a gathering of many people of the owners, let them infinite hope and desire is the nature of "low-cost, low-cost".


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