foreign media visits Taobao Village: Ali changed the fate of remote areas

The British "Guardian"

‘s "Guardian Weekly" (Guardian Weekly) recently published an article entitled "the Alibaba so that the benefits of the digital economy spread to the most remote areas of Chinese article," the Guardian Weekly "reporter Harold Thibault visited Fujian Province, the first Taobao Cun Pei Incline Village, witnessed the electronic commerce how to change the remote rural areas face.

Pui Village is a network of electricity supplier giant Alibaba selected one of the 20 Taobao village, in the majority of rural areas in China, young people have to go to the bustling city, but in the village is just the opposite.

looked at the first time, the remote countryside seems to have nothing to do with the economic development in twenty-first Century. But when you walk into the main road Hua Yongle (transliteration) to create the company, you will understand why the village is one of the 20 Taobao network electricity supplier giant Alibaba selected one of the village. Alibaba was founded by the Chinese entrepreneur Ma Yun (about to be listed on the NYSE), or more precisely, one of its subsidiaries, Taobao, which has completely changed the face of the village.

a cup of tea, 32 year old Hua Yongle told reporters about his entrepreneurial experience. Behind him, two people are talking with potential buyers through the network, the registration order and organize a large number of invoices. Hanging on the wall of the Communist Party of Chinese.

wrote, China Paradise is a party member, but he thinks a lot of time to do not trade what strange. Hua Yongle was particularly successful in expanding the retail industry, his company produces handmade bamboo mat sold all over the country.

: like many young Chinese, Hua Yongle often goes shopping on Taobao. Taobao is equivalent to China’s ebay. Four years ago, he realized that the website sales of locally produced bamboo mat has tremendous business opportunities and potential. He thinks he should be grateful to Ma Yun, who founded the Alibaba 15 years ago with a group of friends. Alibaba launched business to business e-commerce (B2B) online trading market allows companies around the world to find suitable suppliers in china. 2003, Ma Yun created a platform for e-commerce consumers Taobao."

Wall Street stock brokers may not know how much of the Alibaba to change the lives of ordinary Chinese people. As long as there is a smart mobile phone, and the opening of the Alibaba Alipay service, people in just a few seconds by Alipay to pay the utility bills. They can also use it to take a taxi, arrived at the destination after online payment, without the need to use cash. Even in the most remote areas, but also to buy cost-effective goods. Just take a look at any bookstore in China, you will find countless biographies of the success of the introduction of Ma book.

article believes that the expansion of sales channels also led to the development of local logistics. Bamboo mat training Incline Village production in Fujian Province, only two to three days, you >

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