shop operators for their own steamed stuffed bun shop to open an interesting name is very important, because when others recommend can give people a refreshing feeling. We have seen a lot of interesting Baozipu name, today we recommend day Tim buns, "day Tim" homophonic "everyday" meaning, of course, every day to buy or eat is certain day Tim steamed stuffed bun. Every day for customers to add steamed stuffed bun delicious this is the steamed bun shop business purposes.

day Tim steamed bun, adhere to the "people of all ages, moderate price, close to the people, business positioning service working", go through the Chinese fast food franchise development, become the largest fast-food chain buns. Tim days to create the first brand China steamed buns, fully rely on the strength of enterprises, to create a good environment for the development of chain enterprises; build a communication platform, a hot issue for developing strategic and operational management of exchange and consensus, and jointly promote the better development of chain business. How much do you add to the steamed bun?

days add steamed bun join fee introduction:

days add steamed bun join fee:

brand usage fee: 10 thousand

training fee: 30 thousand

Tim Tim operating advantage

1, a comprehensive system of CIS management, to ensure that the brand image to convey unity;

2, the implementation of centralized procurement, from the source to ensure product quality and food safety;

3, modern production and processing base, standardized operating procedures, to ensure stable quality and taste unity;

4, a sound distribution network, improve the distribution system to ensure product safety, accurate and timely arrival;

5, the operation and management system of the system, to ensure the orderly management of stores;

6, the headquarters of the implementation of a unified marketing plan, a strong brand awareness and market share, promote performance improvement;

7, through training and regular re training, so that the level of stores continue to improve, help to obtain a stable income;

8, a strong logistics management system for the development of the store to provide effective support and service security.

production base advantage

1, Pu organic ecological park

2, Soochow University food professional practice base

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