wants to survive in the natural world must be added energy, for human beings is three meals a day. The reason why the food and beverage industry is a profiteering industry, we can not eat it. Join the food industry has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs.

No advantage of the network of small and medium-sized enterprises of both capital and

, early must use the power distributor development, so more bitter time in product novelty, let those smart dealers see his eyes shining, now, the dealer terminal accounts is clearly, he knows that you can make products to him. How much money, so you always put the enterprise "squeezed" very clean. If the product is very special, not popular, there is no reference price and direct competitors, then businesses and dealers is not good corporate body oil, enterprises can maximize keep profit, so that enterprises can have a chance to grow up.

The characteristics of

if the enterprise centralized operation, take advantage of the scale strategy, live very moist, such as Beijing Beijing source madajie candy and chocolate on the main varieties, while the silly cow is concentrated in candy, Jingjing is an advantage in the mint, 99 Wang specializes in gum, these enterprises but more dealers and market demand, have a very stable channel.

with the wholesale market decline, food enterprises.

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