shoes store inside the store every day to accept a lot of customers, many shops shopping guide staff professional enthusiasm for consumers to bring good service, this shop profit is certainly not bad. If you want to get a good profit, then what should be done?

first, sales staff to break through their courage

even if the difficulties, in fact, the future of a confused, we must learn to overcome their fear. The sales staff, most fear is being rejected, not knowing that this is the most common phenomenon! We can do an analysis of yourself, why would be rejected? What is the psychological conflict? Try to negative emotional adjustment for understanding the positive, adventurous. The brave is invincible.

second, sales staff have a strong desire

have a strong desire for success, investors have enough power and confidence, investors can drive! How to develop their own ambition? Try and succeed together, life is a process of growing up, our life’s most important decision is to decide who grow up together


third, sales staff should pay attention to personal growth

open a women’s franchise, we must summarize the experience from the continuous exploration and hard work, continuous reflection and enterprising. Especially pay attention to personal growth, it is never too old to learn, continuous learning and learning with can greatly reduce the error and shorten the time of exploration.

shoes store shopping guide staff to continuously improve their capability of business, to provide quality services for consumers can be recognized by consumers, so that consumers feel good about this store, increase the rate of return. Do you have the skills? Come and learn.

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