Chinese since ancient times, very love to eat Hot pot, era of development today, Hot pot has undergone great changes, it is because people’s good economic conditions, for modern people, eating is not only to fill the stomach, but also to enjoy the delicacy, from an accumulation of a matter demand. Therefore, the catering business is now very different from before, not only to pay attention to food diversity, but also pay attention to the environment, decoration and services. Here is a practical hot pot shop decoration recommendations, look at it!

environment will affect people’s mood, thus subtly affecting the taste of hot pot. Previously, Hot pot mass of less than 30 yuan per capita, often only pay attention to the taste and ignore the environment, Tuzao, soil pot and soil depth and the monotony of the shop, dull and depressed.

but as everyone knows, the decoration is a deep or shallow "bottomless pit", popular Hot pot shop, how to make the investment highlights in limited circumstances, let a person come in to feel out of the ordinary, is a complicated matter. Well decorated hot pot shop has a wealth of themes and content, the customer can feel the unique cultural influence and emotional appeal, eating and music, strong participation, relaxed atmosphere and other characteristics.

stores, for example, people swept away on public Hot pot forthright than less delicate prejudices, make people feel Hot pot fashion Butterfly: fashion and jumping in appearance, the details of the internal environment and the use of metal, glass and other materials, bright and spacious, a fashionable dining atmosphere; the stool can be selected from the IKEA supermarket. 70 yuan, not expensive, but sitting comfortable; also can make the color sofa, creating fashion, leisure, Hot pot feeling, the bright colors and bright space, let the customer mood is bright.

special emphasis on the 600–800 square pot shop, usually to install 2–3 months, when renting, be sure to talk to the landlord to talk about 3 months of free rent. In addition, the hot pot restaurant staff must be consistent with the style of decoration.

a store decoration is very important, the guests decide to eat here in the store immediately, so we must pay attention to the decoration, when do Hot pot business, you know your shop is what grade, what kind of service for people. If it is a popular consumption, so long as the relaxed and comfortable environment. If the quality of service for the people, then the decoration should be different.

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