With the continuous development of the times, only by constantly advancing with the times to keep up with the trend of the development of the times, in order to continue to promote the province’s economic development of

. So, the development of Intelligent Manufacturing in Fujian, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, what is the significance?

in order to further implement the "people’s Government of Fujian Province nine measures" on accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing, to develop intelligent manufacturing, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, the day before the 2016, "intelligent manufacturing in Fujian Province special action plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") issued.

"plan" clearly provincial organization of intelligent manufacturing 100 key projects, the construction of 1 – 2 provincial counties intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration base, identified more than 10 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises, to support the construction of 2 – 3 intelligent manufacturing model factory (Digital Workshop), the implementation of the "machine for" 2000 Taiwan (sets) above. Accelerate the depth of integration of the two, to carry out the integration of the Internet and industrial innovation pilot, promote the integration of the two management system standards, improve the integration of the two provincial key projects database for the storage of 500 projects.

"plan" to promote the construction of pilot demonstration in intelligent manufacturing, industrial upgrading, integration of the two, technological innovation, innovation, quality and efficiency etc., to carry out intelligent industry characteristic, high concentration, strong competitiveness and demonstration effect of manufacturing pilot demonstration base construction; at the same time in the basic conditions, the urgent needs of the in the manufacturing industry and enterprise, outstanding key, carry out the discrete process of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, collaborative manufacturing, mass customization, remote maintenance service pilot demonstration of 5 new models of intelligent manufacturing.

in improving enterprise intelligent technology level, the "plan" to encourage enterprises to extensive use of a new generation of information technology, the implementation of technological innovation, promote the penetration of information technology to the market, design, production and other aspects, to promote the production to flexible, intelligent, fine transition. The implementation of "machine for workers", to speed up the light industry, textile, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, building materials and other traditional industries to promote the application of intelligent technology and equipment, improve labor productivity and product quality.

application in industry to support enterprises to purchase shortage of key equipment and intelligent system, technical level and production scale reached the leading domestic, as the provincial innovation platform technology research and development equipment purchase subsidies. To encourage enterprises to carry out the integration of the two management system standards, to reward the enterprise by implementing evaluation, recommended the declaration of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project.

in addition, the "plan" to support the enterprise market development and service innovation, including the implementation of the first (set) of intelligent manufacturing equipment in the field of special, intelligent manufacturing equipment, support enterprises through two of the depth of integration, the development of innovative breakthroughs, with core technology, has not yet been achieved, recommended

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