now, no matter what kind of food, almost all of the market has a number of operators, fierce competition in the industry is countless entrepreneurs must face. Moreover, the catering market has been hot investment, wonton because of all ages, both north and south, is to become the first choice for business, but now every kind of wonton franchise dazzling, competition is more intense. Want to join in the project in many talent shows itself wonton, must grasp the skills as soon as possible to establish a good market reputation, stable tourist shops. So, how to open the wonton shop can establish a market reputation?

1, from the customer point of view is a mature performance of the operator.

business wonton shop not blindly starting from their own, and should be based on the customer perspective where the franchise is not good enough to do what is to provide customer service. Specific practices can be their own or invite friends to come to the store to experience the feelings of customers, adjust business strategy.

2, the customer is God, the customer is always right.



dispute is inevitable between the wonton shop and customer, so in any case, don’t quarrel with the customer, even if the customer is wrong, also want to "on" left to the customer, or slowly with the customer to explain, not to say angry words.

when the customer ordering the wrong, on postprandial found love taste, uncensured this is not my point at this time the clerk wonton, must not with the customer argument, but the control of customer ticket with the customer to explain, finally can put the "wrong" himself, you can say no meal with the customer confirm again, so it will easily win the customer’s favor, keep coming back.

3, customer is the best supervisor.

want to make a good wonton shop to grasp customer needs and customer dissatisfaction, may wish to listen to opinions and suggestions, the timely detection of problems, and actively improve and maintain customer satisfaction of the wonton stores, stores can continue to accumulate reputation.

4, keep the customer in mind.

remember the customer’s name, identity and habits can make customers feel respected, thus realize the wonton shop carefully, more willing to visit again.

in the current operation of the market, word of mouth for a store business will have a very big influence, therefore, to establish a good reputation has become the pursuit of every shop. But, want to easily establish a reputation to open a wonton shop, we must remember that customer is the purpose of the first, customer is the first, customer is the first, customer is the first, say something important.

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