said that there is no country where people can be so fond of Chinese food, Chinese food and beverage market is a big one for all to see. Although the Chinese nation has always been a focus of great delicacy, but long-term development has not much breakthrough, the taste will make people have a single feeling, with Korean after the invasion, a variety of authentic Korean delicacy if people eat at the same time, also has many expectations. Han general Korean barbecue buffet for people looking forward to this taste of reality, it tastes in the foundation to ensure the heritage authentic Korean barbecue, increased efforts to develop Korean flavor localization, let Korea wind taste more can let each race in customer acceptance, so that franchisees succeed. Han how to join the barbecue?

Han General barbecue? What conditions need to meet? What are the advantages? See the following details:

Korean generals barbecue join conditions:

1, interested in long-term barbecue industry

2, have enough entrepreneurial spirit

3, with certain management ability

4, with sufficient venture capital

5, close to a large commercial center, transportation center, trading center, there is sufficient customer support

6, good visibility and advertising effect, convenient transportation, the surrounding area has a perfect office, as well as commercial supporting

Han General barbecue barbecue join advantage:

1, flexible dishes taste, suitable for different regions of the flavor needs.

2, authentic Korean barbecue, pickled cabbage, suitable for South Korea, Korean and Korean fashion customer customer needs.

3, the original imported environmental protection barbecue equipment, suitable for healthy and delicious needs, but also suitable for investment in equipment to reduce costs.

4, restaurant Division home training, in store management, suitable for not operating the food and beverage industry, the franchisee has no more experience for the taste and quality of food and the need to worry about.

5, for joining the cost, suitable for different funds to join the franchisee needs; also suitable for investment in food and beverage are interested, but worried about the rate of return on investment franchisee demand

6, dishes rich, involving a classic barbecue, staple food, pickles and other dishes, suitable for the taste of the needs of the region to update fast, but also suitable for monotonous operation, no new listing and worry about the franchisee’s demand

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