ten startups may be half dead in the lack of funds, which is more common among college students. Government to help youth entrepreneurship and employment, launched in line with the current situation of various types of youth entrepreneurship loans preferential policies.

11 18 July from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region human resources and social security department was informed that the Autonomous Region Committee, Department of finance, human resources and social security department, Bank of Inner Mongolia Limited by Share Ltd, Inner Mongolia rural credit cooperatives will jointly implement the "create easy loan guarantee loan project of youth entrepreneurship, to better serve the students as the main body youth entrepreneurship and employment.

"create easy loan guarantee loan project for youth entrepreneurship by autonomous organizations at various levels in charge of propaganda and mobilization and accepting loan applications, the Bank of Inner Mongolia and Limited by Share Ltd of Inner Mongolia rural credit cooperatives provide" create easy loan loan; individual entrepreneurs apply for loans should be at the age above 18 years old, 45 years old, honest trustworthy, voluntary loan contract, the enterprise group is to college students (including graduate students and annual graduation college graduates 5 years) as the main body of the young entrepreneurs, especially college graduates to teach poor families and Mongolian; the longest period of the loan shall not exceed two years; single credit loans, according to the related industry the loan repayment capacity and the capability of independent innovation, the undertaking bank line of credit, the loan does not exceed the maximum amount of 500 thousand yuan loan; Interest rate of the people’s Bank of China announced the same period of the benchmark interest rate loans, loans in the validity of the contract period, such as the benchmark interest rate adjustment, according to the loan contract agreed on the date of the loan interest rate.

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