the customer is God, the child is a little god. Different "God", as the owner, naturally have different coping skills. As the saying goes, "better to deceive the old, do not bully the small." That child is not easily offended The coming days would be long. full of youthful spirit. Now the children are mostly only child, whether at home or out there is a veritable "god".

of these small businesses not only customers, now is not to be underestimated consumer groups, but the long term is inexhaustible wealth, inexhaustible treasure. So wise businessmen will strive to maintain the small God, make it a long-term customer. In the daily operation through careful observation, I put a little God, by age is divided into four categories, namely failure type, curious type, ignorant and the mature.

little god of destruction refers to the little dots around the age of 1. Do not go too, it is not too much to say, only to the shelves of the following two layers, see what turn over what. Or "great Shift of the universe" to do things for a change of position; or "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon" the goods to make a out of order. Especially the lack of patience of young mothers, they want to seize the opportunity to break in by the child.

encountered such a situation, the store is miserable, do not attack. My practice is, if not busy to hug if busy, tease the child; take some small candy or a small toy led the children to her mother. This unspoken, clever mother will immediately take care of their children’s responsibility. The store will not scare children or cause unpleasant.

curious little god refers to about 2 years old children, can accurately find their favorite food. But for all kinds of all kinds of goods all sorts of strange things have a strong curiosity. Feel, look, bite, trample, and then casually walk away. Or simply open bags of instant, and even directly into the small pouches, either don’t know how to pay, do not know how to steal a simple hand.

this time we have to remind parents in a timely manner. "Ha ha, the child has seen this new Altman candy." "The little princess seemed very interested in Bobbi on the mirror!" This implies that follow the adults, children take things is not needed, but also for children, whether the product is safe, the child is too small, parents should make a decision on the timely judgment.

small ignorant about 5 to God at the age of 12 children, they have a smattering of knowledge but understanding, but also lead to poor self-control often make mistakes. They will plan to buy soy sauce money to buy Coke, and finally go home with no money, no soy sauce, forgot to drink cola, was asked by parents; they will get 5 cents from 5 yuan food, also ask you to find the money, the owner of the test of "strain" ability.

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