now, many people are looking for to get rich entrepreneurial projects, to market sales of products, today, entrepreneurship is a tide, many entrepreneurs have asked the same question: entrepreneurship is not a lack of product, the product is good, why entrepreneurship failed?

for entrepreneurs, not a good product, the door is not open, business confidence also comes from the product itself, many entrepreneurs are also optimistic about for a long time, and even some entrepreneurs itself is the product (project or service) of the holder and the inventor, unlike some select agents the product, there is no guarantee, solid things, nature is more confident in the business. However, the market practice tells us that it is often the choice of proxy products are still struggling to support, and choose a lot of good products in a number of years after the entrepreneur, or failure. The reasons for the success of 10 million, the reason for failure is only one, failed, nothing to say.

entrepreneurs with good products is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, the starting point in the market will be much easier, products will benefit quick; on the other hand, entrepreneurs often lead to very easily in the head or business is quick, hiring financing, to expand the market. The market is a long-term business behavior, not short-term market behavior, such as crops, the seasons have to have a process, want to rely on the middle of the three axes quickly open up the situation, to make our country a red, this idea is not realistic, the past is not realistic, but not now reality. Even if there is, but also when the edge coincidence, come quickly, go too fast. Therefore, check the steel here to sum up, the first cause of failure is the mentality, entrepreneurs do not think they have started to take over the capital, the capital, the result is often cost out, but the market returns are not up.

Third, marketing planning is not in place. A >

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