Internet has become a modern young people entrepreneurial platform, in the era of networking want to start the business, to achieve the value of life, you need to rely on science and technology, relying on knowledge, relying on creativity. "You face" entrepreneurial team are 90, inspirational Internet Master.

3 7, the two founders of the reporter to follow the "surface" arrived at Jining street and en a district office. The reporter saw their office is a 120 square meters of residential houses, several young people with dreams, continuous efforts, finally in August 2015, "you face network" officially launched operations.

initiation of entrepreneurial dreams

1993 was born in the year of Jia Dongxu, is one of the founder of net surface. Why do you want to start such a website, Jia Dongxu said, want to let more people know Inner Mongolia. During his college, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places have to practice, people talk about Inner Mongolia, will ask Jia Dong Xu, there is still not you live in Mongolia? Is still riding, sheep and milk every day? It makes Jia Dong Xu feel very helpless, so that he had a strong desire   let more people understand Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia.

Jia dongwook

majored in software engineering, he decided to use their own learning, creating a website, the website not only have Inner Mongolia unique local customs and practices, delicacy beauty, but also Inner Mongolia city’s development and modernization transformation.

on-line surface net, not only timely news and information, as well as on the characteristics of Inner Mongolia customs and delicacy is introduced, and the addition of the scenic spots of Inner Mongolia tourism Raiders plate characteristic. Now the site has full-time and part-time staff of 11, 90 percent of young people. With these 90 young people’s technology and innovative ideas, they strive to do the most innovative site in Inner Mongolia.

The plan is

in the future

while the site is now not a lot of profit, but every day there are traffic stable, mobile phone client APP also began operations, the amount of fans of WeChat public account has reached 32000, and the gradual growth. Talking about future plans, Zhao Ming said, although now people on the surface network awareness is not high, but in the near future, you will become one of the most excellent web site in Inner Mongolia. There are already several companies in Beijing took a fancy to you face, hatching on surface net.

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