some shopkeepers for a suitable name for the store, it is takegreat trouble, searched own good words, but can not make satisfactory results. While some shopkeepers are using a number of special words, the name of the work becomes simple and easy. So, is it feasible to use the word naming method? What are the characteristics of the special word naming method?

The special word

to store the name with the special word name have two kinds: one is the habit of using words in some industries; one is some industries formed in the long history of the development of the special love words.

With the habit of using words in some industries,


For example

Chinese medicine shop Love "Hall", such as Beijing Tongrentang, Hok Tong, Hangzhou Huqingyutang, Cai Tongde hall, Shanghai tonghanchuntang; western medicine shop with "real", such as pharmacy, pharmacy, Huamei Howard Guanxin pharmacy.

2, in the long-term naming process, the formation of a number of industries in particular like the word.

these words used in the official name, it seems to have the effect of communication, let a person know what is the industry. For example, the silk shop with "auspicious" word. Beijing Rui Fu Xiang, Rui Zengxiang, Ruisheng; Shanghai have the same, Xie Dayang, Xiang Yang, Hua Daxiang, Duke of Daxiang Dachang, Daxiang, Daxiang and other treasure letter.

it can be seen that once the use of such a dedicated word, first of all, consumers can be at a glance, although I do not know how the product, the price, but at least you can know what the store in the end what to sell. Thus, the name of the shop is very feasible to use a dedicated word. Of course, due to the large number of such shops, so if you want a hot business, naturally also need to integrate into the name of more features, so that the business will be more prosperous shop.

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