today’s pet in the status of the home is getting higher and higher, this is an indisputable fact, however, there are really willing to give their owners pet photo? Do not look down on this market, but also the need to start a pet photo gallery million, you are still hesitant what?


: market prospects

two, investment analysis:

if you have excellent photography, understanding and pet related knowledge, familiar with each species, know their bodies each of the most valuable parts, even knowing that most pet skeleton diagram etc.. Open to the pet pet portrait gallery according to the phase in accordance with the best level of the local economy to set the price according to the general picture picture size is set at 20 yuan to 80 yuan, a photo album can be set at 300 yuan to 1500 yuan. At the same time the operator in order to increase revenue, but also consider the photos printed on the cup, or put into the key

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