hot real estate market situation to let us be struck dumb soaring prices, the relevant departments to take positive measures, but is the so-called "policies, under the measures, since September 25th in Nanjing to restart the purchase policy, since the whole two months. Two months, fake marriage certificate, fake social insurance policy…… All kinds of behavior around the purchase of an endless stream, so far has been canceled 177 local illegal purchase proof. The Housing Department of the latest news, Nanjing "re amplification trick" severely punished illegal proof of purchase, will enable the new identification equipment, at the same time in conjunction with the public security departments joint action.

according to the housing department, the city real estate market transaction management center Huaqiaolu center new inspection found two cases of local people attempt to use foreigners posing as fake marriage certificate, a false account of this and other materials, obtaining qualified buyers of real estate transaction cases, relevant personnel involved have been entered into the business system blacklist, and will be transferred to the real the real estate market comprehensive law enforcement office.

as blocking "around the restriction, this round of investigation includes not only various departments joint action, Nanjing will be the introduction and use of digital equipment, enhance the real estate transaction management level of verification of the authenticity of documents, such as when opening the window to take a number ID card check number, for the housing transaction record when using the ID card identification device, the hold ID ID number, passport and authenticity of documents in a few seconds after completion of audit, the accuracy of the information reliable guarantee. In addition, the verification housing proof of purchase, the only proof of the specified number of input materials, computer will promptly inform the accuracy of the information.

Nanjing property market regulation policy review in February, September 25th began to purchase, opened the curtain of this round of regulation. The next day, Nanjing introduced Ning thirteen stable property market, proposed by increasing the supply of land, increase the volume of commercial housing market in order to stabilize prices.

10 months, Nanjing ushered in the regulation of strokes. In October 5th, the purchase of credit limit both overweight, special provisions for household registration in the city for adult singles (including divorce) in the purchase of 1 homes. 13, 2009, people’s Bank of China branch in Nanjing to adjust lending rates, with more than two sets of housing residents and households, the suspension of commercial housing loans to individuals.

Since the purchase of

, for the restriction of the purchase of plugging measures are also escalating. Violation of the purchase contract of bad behavior, will inform the relevant departments, and included in the personal credit record.

Nanjing property market continues to enlarge strokes, severely punished illegal purchase, the behavior of false divorce, the relevant departments will not be placed regardless. Take heavy hand regulation, bringing a rational fall in the property market in Nanjing. According to statistics, last week Nanjing second-hand housing stock price fell for the first time. Volume, has been down for two consecutive weeks. Analysts believe that the strict restriction limited credit policy, let the competition information recommendation

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