now comes the summer is a period of high incidence of mosquitoes, in such a period, mosquitoes still very common, at the same time, there are a lot of mosquitoes itself has many toxins, little attention is being bitten, for physical damage or not light.

[case] a mosquito bites man face swollen "ball"

"on May 26th bitten, I remember very clearly." Yesterday, Mr. Zhang told reporters that he was the night shift, at 1 in the morning to eat, 2 o’clock officially began to work, in this gap, he was bitten by mosquitoes in the face. Not long after work, he found his face swollen.

on Sept. 15, Mr. Zhang also appeared to have a fever symptoms, the highest 39 degrees. In addition, his body and no other symptoms. June 29th, he came to Luoyang helpless medical treatment, hoping to have a miracle happen.

[] that mosquito bites facial lymphatic resulting in swelling of

"this patient is very rare, but the face swollen, other body functions are normal." Mr. Zhang in Luoyang doctors, Luoyang Oriental Hospital orthopedic director Dai Tao said, came to the hospital, he gave Mr. Zhang made the inspection, inspection results show that there is no problem in all aspects of Mr. Zhang’s heart and lung function and blood routine, the biggest reason is that face swollen mosquito bites.

in Luoyang during the period of treatment, a preliminary diagnosis of Dai Tao Zhang "scleredema", the swelling is recommended

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