although any operator knows to shop a suitable name is a very important thing, however, how the name has become a problem plagued many investors. Moreover, if you want to make the shop’s name is better, in fact, there will be more attention. So, what are the names of the furniture store attention? Let’s get to know each other.

first, the name of the furniture store to highlight the characteristics of the industry

The name of the

furniture store is the most important to highlight the nature of the business, so that people at a glance, it is clear what you are doing, what services.

two, a furniture store to name and owner of the combination of

numerology Xiji

"people-oriented" is always the fundamental. The operation of the store is carried out by the people, the shop is good or bad, and the owner has a great relationship. The furniture store name, must be combined with the shop owner numerology five line or the.

three, the name of the furniture store can not challenge the traditional ethics

for example, mentioned "frequently dressed sale" easily reminiscent of a beast in human clothing ", although the name is unique enough, also played an eye-catching effect, but contrary to the traditional morality, misleading.

four, the name of the furniture store to avoid alleged infringement

some shops with the name of the celebrity, with the celebrity effect to achieve good publicity, but it involves the issue of infringement of the rights and interests of others, such as some places mentioned Zhou Runfa barber shop.

five, the name of the furniture store to avoid breaking the law

shop operators of course, to comply with the law, but if there is a violation of the law in the name of the problem, it can not operate normally. Such as "non wire" barber shop, barber shop, "law enforcement" "rice drunk Gang" restaurant, the name is so novel, but inevitably there is suspicion of breaking the law.

six, the name of the furniture store should avoid the use of numbers and letters

letters and numbers to hard to remember than Chinese characters but if it is going to, do business with foreigners should be different.

seven, the furniture store to see the store name by name the main product


name must be consistent with the management of goods, to be able to reflect the operating characteristics of the stores, consumers easily identify shops operating range, and have the desire to buy.

to give a shop a proper name is actually need to pay attention to many factors

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