Chinese people have a herd mentality, queuing for the hotel, the first feeling is: delicious! For a chain restaurant brand, how to put food stores do hot are the problems that must be considered by everyone’s curiosity to do queuing economy may be from another angle to help you become bigger and stronger!

two store queue, queue or queuing to enter the hall food packed away. The reason why the queue, with the production efficiency or consumer spending time.

If queuing pack store queues, the production efficiency is not high enough, can enhance the yield or improve the efficiency of solution, but the queue sometimes is not a bad thing, many shops and even deliberately reduce efficiency caused by queuing, with limited and hunger marketing to word-of-mouth advertising or other value-added.

if is a line, not effectively improve the production efficiency, is the main reason causing queuing time consumption of the guests too long, occupied the position. There are several solutions to this situation:

1. intends to allow customers to queue, the queue will become a part of the marketing process. As Grandpa Rick, Chesi uncle, using queuing do hunger marketing to attract passers-by, curious and subtle change in his mind: these people are doing > good cold end, what on earth was > or a row of > join the queue, to accept the inquisitive eyes of envy, hate only team can’t slow down.

2. will be the core experience or culture into the waiting link. Such as Nanjing cooked food stalls, in the process of waiting to see the clerk often wear dresses in the Republic of China is also very interesting, sometimes also enjoy live performances maid folk tunes, alleviated the boredom of waiting.

3. adopt preferential measures to appease. Such as sea fishing to take the way to provide snacks to retain. Only the target is too dispersed, ending either snacks or were they finish rub, snacks hold enough flash people, but for sea fishing, not bad customers, not bad money.

4. provides waiting for expectations and notifications. Such as remote control restaurants and other software providers, users can get around the queue number can be around, there is a seat when the merchant via APP or SMS notification. Because the user does not have the sunk cost of the queue, while reducing the opportunity cost, this program is purely for the user to consider, the worst effect on business.

5. optimize service processes, reduce consumption time. If the grandmother in the queue to see if you can point a single dish, you can immediately seat a dish, the per capita consumption of time will be reduced by at least 5–10 minutes. The practice is to eat every dish, was immediately taken away, and then continue to give you water, plus someone outside the line, you will be very conscious to go. Or how long promised to eat a discount, etc..

6. hit time difference. Through other preferential policies to allow guests to be happy during the non peak hours. Or take the number, leave the phone number, so that the guests go shopping, 10-15 minutes in advance to inform the customer

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