what are honest farmers in our minds? I am afraid that many people might think such a group of people for a lifetime is facing loess back into the air, never out of the village. However, if such an honest person can master a skill, do a good job, in fact, can get a very high market sought after, this is the protagonist of Xu Zhaolin.

Xu Zhaolin, an honest farmer, was born in a poor family. In order to make a living, with the dream of getting rich, he learned from the famous specialty of Jinhua — life began pondering pastry, pastry and marketing skills undivided attention, just the ordinary local unique flaky pastry, a famous brand. When interviewed by reporters, he said that as long as hard work, humble products for ordinary people, the same can change the fate of.

Xu Zhaolin Zhejiang is the source of Jinhua city of Dongxiang Fenshui village gang. In 1987, 16 year old Xu Zhaolin graduated from junior high school, because the family could not afford to pay the entrance fee on the home farm. To learn a trade life, brother introduced him to the Jinhua government to open a shop of friends at school do shortbread pastries.

Xu Zhaolin said to reporters, when together with him to learn the craft several people, not a few days that they have mastered the technique, then leave home. But he did dive down to win favor with diligent and fabrication of stores, stores the result of improved pastry shop, cracker reputation. Slowly he heart a dream: to own a pastry shop.

poor Xu Zhaolin by four borrowed 600 yuan and brother carrying two cakes stove, in remote Zhejiang Ling’an opened the first store own. This was the only one in Ling’an pastry shop, because the cakes had really done a good job, business is flourishing. A year later, the brothers had a small savings, and then in the downtown area of Ling’an re opened a larger shop.


business is good, but Xu Zhaolin found that Ling’an people mainly buy hot pastries freshly baked dessert, going out gifts, will buy the Ling’an local specialty, few people will buy Jinhua cakes as a gift. Really love the pastries people also feel that the authentic Jinhua cakes must be to Jinhua to buy, so to expand pastry business, must also be based in Jinhua. Xu Zhaolin decided to turn off the good business in Ling’an pastry shop, home to Jinhua again.

Xu Zhaolin although culture is not high, but good at pondering. In April 1993, Xu Zhaolin returned to Jinhua in Jinhua opened a silent street pastry shop. Xu Zhaolin borrowed the silent street shop phase, and the phase change the word "sweet", the word of the change, but also makes the brand quite mean shortbread. In 1995, Xu Zhaolin registered the Jinhua cracker industry’s first registered trademark "silent shortbread to the local business application". In order to reassure customers, Xu Zhaolin asked for a quality

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