food and beverage industry is an industry has been more popular, want to pass a restaurant to get enough money to have a good business skills, today, full network Xiaobian to tell you about, how can the very good business in a restaurant.

1, pay attention to publicity: the boss warm call, to attract more people to pay attention to

2, product features development: the characteristics of the dishes


3, product innovation: free soy milk

We all know

auxiliary equipment and facilities

The service is easy to realize the


service obviously

this obvious service is the guests in the restaurant to enjoy the real service, such as the waiter welcome, recommend, serve, help solve difficult guests, the guests are visible.

hidden services

hidden service, some links can not see, the guests do not refer to the service work. These service guests may not be too concerned about, or are not aware of, such as the contents of the follow-up service, the guests may not be aware of.

these four items, including our design.

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