now in the rural areas has a good business environment, there are also many suitable for entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurs in rural areas tend to have a lot of good business projects for people to choose, let’s look at.

/ farmhouse farmhouse

first farmhouse appearance to look good what, suggested to build buildings made of wood, bamboo and wood building seismic, beautiful and practical, the investment is not high, the construction can be used directly, without the need for re decoration. But bamboo architecture is very suitable for urban people to pursue pastoral garden, ecological and natural feeling. Highlights of the bamboo building is very good, very suitable for the construction of leisure places.

also now tourists should be more critical of health, wash what to complete, do not let people take a bath, go to the bathroom is not convenient for guests. The place of rest is mostly clean and attractive! We have to eat on the side of the country to eat at the time of the 57-60 on the line ~ ~ remember to have ten degrees! For example, small fish paste cakes…

sewing shop

farm machinery rental shop

residential design shop

motorcycle repair shop

motorcycle as one of the rural large commodity has entered the homes of ordinary people, but now many village is no motorcycle repair shop, once farmers motorcycle failure, I had to go to town to repair, time-consuming and inconvenient. Therefore, in the flow of people and traffic concentrated and convenient transportation center of the village to open a spare parts and motorcycle repair shop, will be strong financial resources.

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