there are many shops, although the product is good, shop decoration is also very grade, but because they do not know how to operate the business, leading to business difficult to carry out. So, if you want to shop business is booming, naturally also need to do a good job in the details of the various shops. So, how should the mother and baby shop mothers?

first, first with the baby say hello

mothers in the shop, many with the baby, when the mother shop sales staff and their little baby when greeting, show affection, will suddenly narrowed the distance with customers to know who will not love their own children? And you like her baby, you’re the one. According to the children’s age, in the right way with a smile and say hello to the baby, a baby to attract sound and so on, are breaking the law in her guide.

two, exchange some parenting classics

baby started from a piece of paper, many contradictions will explore the unknown world, mothers can understand, we can say is really bear bitter hardships mother shop operators, such as according to the mothers reflect the problems, provide appropriate guidance, encouragement and surprise is a big Mo for moms.

therefore, maternal stores management personnel need to study more parenting knowledge, psychological characteristics of children in each stage of the development of physiology, the principle of food supplement, the psychology should be how to guide and so on, these are not "commodity", is far higher than the value of the goods. Really not, listen to the mother’s distress, they are also a comfort.

as long as the mother shop operators intentions and exchange their mother really, in fact they are easier to be persuaded, in the face of "mothers", should be treated with kindness to heart friends, with careful guidance, along with patience.

is now a lot of shops because they can get along with their mothers, so that more satisfied with their mothers, which will make the shop business more prosperous. So, if you run a mother and child shop, do you know how to receive moms?

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