everyone has their own dream of entrepreneurship, especially for girls, the first pioneering heart can not help but yearn for flowers, if the opening of a flower restaurant investment and return will be like? The following items from the Flower Restaurant entrepreneurial projects, as well as the choice of supply and store and other aspects of your simple analysis.

project features

research shows that the most disease prevention and health care functions are derived from plants: vegetables and fruits. Flower petals are rich in protein, starch, fat and a variety of minerals and other nutrients. About edible flowers, known as sweet scented osmanthus and chrysanthemum, in fact, edible flowers up to hundreds of species, spring summer autumn and winter are very rich in resources, including chrysanthemum, rose, osmanthus, plum, lotus, jasmine, lily, peony, Magnolia, Bauhinia Flower, tuberose is the best, the. These petals can be cold, can be stir fried, stew, tea, or chopped mix meat, minced fish or sugar paste, fried egg, chrysanthemum petals can also taste delicious tofu.

supply and store

Flower Restaurant is the main raw materials of fresh flowers and vegetables. If the establishment of long-term fixed-point supply channels, such as the main raw material flowers from the surrounding city flower market or nursery to buy, due to the large amount, can reduce the cost of purchase. In particular, it is necessary to make a systematic understanding and study of plant habits and related knowledge. In the flower varieties, some flowers such as poinsettia, Datura, five angle plum, butterfly, lingxiaohua, lily of the valley, though if the "beauty", but with different degrees of toxicity, can not be used. In addition, if the material is not properly matched, do the dishes may also contain toxins, must pay attention to.

in the store, because of their own characteristics, so you do not have to choose expensive downtown stores, in the two or three categories to choose the surrounding environment clean store can be.

investment and return

is expected to 50 thousand yuan start-up capital: 18 thousand yuan (half rent lease facade), store decoration and equipment 20 thousand yuan, 11 thousand yuan of liquidity (of which 8000 yuan for the purchase, 3000 yuan to publish some small ads in the city life newspaper), with the cost of about 1000 yuan, plus hired several employees wages. Conservative estimates, pre investment can be recovered in about three months. Stable operation in the future, it can be profitable.

entrepreneurial grab is the opportunity. At present, the market rarely play flowers catering brands, business once seize the upper hand, people consume crearive diet and taste will achieve your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth.

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