conform to the trend of the times, and constantly enhance the development of the Internet industry, keep up with the pace of the times, for the development of key projects of the Internet economy. So, the Fujian provincial Internet economy will focus on investment matchmaking project, specifically what kind of?

I held the key project of Internet economy investment docking, the matchmaking aims to create a good atmosphere for the development of the Internet economy, attract leading enterprises to invest in Fujian, major projects to promote the layout of the first, win the development opportunities. At the same time, "Fujian Internet economy fund inaugurated.

provincial Party committee, deputy governor Zhang Zhinan said, Fujian solid economic development of the Internet, I will use the Internet economy policy for the Internet thinking, the Internet economy and the characteristics of enterprises, through "a plan, one policy, a policy effect", a full range of favorable policy support; with innovative ideas to lead the Internet economy, more rely on innovation driven, more play the role of younger guests, more breakthroughs in a number of Internet core technology.

provides a continuous, strong for the development of the Internet economy; will use market forces to cultivate Internet economy, create equal rights, equal opportunities, equal regulation environment, promote the sharing of data resources, orderly circulation, cultivate industry data, a data company, a leading company "will open competition pattern; with the vision of globalization layout of the Internet economy, to expand international cooperation in information economy, and actively build the information hub of the core area, to explore the construction of information economy demonstration area, promote the improvement of total factor productivity and resource optimization allocation.

it is understood that the investment docking will be a total of 34 VR and big data key project contract, including the Fuzhou municipal government and China science and Technology Museum signed a joint construction of VR base strategic cooperation framework agreement, the electronic information group in Fujian province and including HP, Lenovo, Oracle and Ying Weida, 16 of the world’s top 500 enterprises and industry leader signed a cooperation agreement, Netdragon websoft, province famous enterprises VR+ education, VR+ entertainment and other 13 key projects with foreign and international well-known enterprises signing.


conference site also held a "Fujian Internet economy fund" opening, "the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and service innovation platform" cloud "China · Fujian VR industry base development platform" has officially opened.

At the

meeting, the provincial development and Reform Commission also introduced 197 Internet economic investment and financing projects, involving virtual reality, big data, e-commerce, networking industry, intelligent cloud services and other key areas of Internet economy in our province.

as to the present trend, the Internet economy has become the inevitable trend. Want to survive in the market, according to the characteristic of the modern era, it is recommended

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