micro business is fire, the circle of friends scraper is already maxed out, a lot of laymen feel so unbelievable, Shuabing effect, will attract customers? In fact, this is only a way to find a micro business customers, but a lot of just started micro business only know this way. Next, we look at how to find accurate micro business customers.

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find store goods according to your products do find the corresponding entity shop, for example, you are selling skin care products will go to the barber shop, clothing stores, cosmetics shop. Of course, when the goods are also needed to communicate, how to make their hearts, to help you sell, how to convince them of your products, are the need for small methods.

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, in addition to WeChat scraper ring, micro business find customers way still pretty much, many ways to start, customers will be more. Of course, in addition to these pathways, micro business people able to find customers and perhaps other deadly weapon, this study mainly focuses on summary, think recommendation

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