6, adhere to the good mood, sleep soundly, assure enough. The Chinese thought that the music is well informed, exciting blood spirit, the effect of prevention and treatment of breast disease.

1, take a bath to prevent the impact of Mimi with hot water, do not soak in hot water for a long time, the bath water temperature is about 27 degrees celsius.

data show that breast cancer has risen to the top of women’s tumors, becoming the number one killer of women’s health. Most patients in the bath, changing clothes or touch their breasts, incidentally found a lump on the side of the breast, a small number of units when the doctor found a medical examination. In general, the shape of the malignant tumor is irregular, the boundary is not clear, the activity is limited, the surface is not smooth, and benign tumor is the opposite. These lumps are beginning to grow up. When the breast skin was orange like change or appear "dimpled", is a disease that advanced.

how to effectively prevent breast cancer?

7, less wear corset or tights, reasonable use of bra. How to prevent breast cancer in daily life? Suitable bra type is very important for Mimi’s health, the best choice of soft, breathable, absorbent cotton bra. Usually pay attention to health bra when sleeping, be sure to remove the bra.

The best time of

3, pay special attention to the menstrual period, pregnancy and other special stages of breast care, through "an eventful year in safety".

5, adhere to the right amount of exercise. Exercise not only helps breast fitness, but also reduce the incidence of breast disease. 4 hours of exercise a week compared with exercise, the probability of breast cancer will decline by 60%.

self check is: Monthly menstruation after 9-11 days, because the breast is soft, easy to find lesions. Breast self-examination, should be guided by the doctor’s method, in order to avoid the normal breast tissue mistaken mass, causing unnecessary panic.

8, with breast enhancement products. Daily life in excess of fish, meat and dairy products, can add a small amount of fat, adhere to the full mimi.

2, the right amount to eat some fish, meat and dairy products, can increase a small amount of fat, breast full nutrition, to keep it plump.

20-39, 4 year old female, once a month to do breast self-examination, every 3 years for a breast examination (35 years old women do a basic breast X-ray radiography).

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