this year, want to start a business to get rich not only ordinary people, entertainment stars do poineering work also. Recently, Han Hong announced the withdrawal of the army and began to venture. A new entertainment culture development company.

12 16 July, hualubaina and Han Hong jointly established by Beijing hualubaina Entertainment Culture Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hualu entertainment") in Beijing held a "legitimate red entertainment" as the theme of "new" to witness the ceremony. At the meeting, Han Hong’s "mother" Mao Amin, Na Ying, Hu Haiquan, Dicky Cheung, Yuan Quan, Li Chen, Hu Yanbin, Chen Ming, Tan Weiwei full debut, let the moment as the bright Starlight Awards Red carpet.


for this and Han Hong co founded Beijing Hualu entertainment, hualubaina film Limited by Share Ltd general manager Liu Dehong expressed deep gratitude and promised: "we will hualubaina powerful resource platform based on the development of the full support of hualubaina entertainment." Beijing hualubaina film Limited by Share Ltd vice chairman Hu Gang said: "Han Hong is happy to give us such a precious opportunity, and the establishment of hualubaina Hualu entertainment, we all listed companies, including the shareholders are both excited and nervous."

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