execution is essential in our daily life, work, indispensable, how to exercise efficient execution? Enhance our ability? May wish to learn together with small series!


first, the staff is the premise

is a fable story, said a group of mice in the dark for a vicious cat is good at catching mice, bitter, so the mice gathered to discuss how to solve this a mortal malady. The mice have self-knowledge, and did not kill the cat ambition, just want to know the whereabouts of the cat, early prevention.

We discuss three

we grasp execution, where do you start to catch? From the beginning of obedience, because not obey how to talk about execution? You say "East" I say "West", you say "dog" I say "chicken", you say "stop" I "go ahead". You say that is the implementation? Must not be executed, so the execution must be obeyed.

for the army, to have two aspects: from the soldiers, obedience is unconditional, no excuse, do everything possible to accept and implement; from the army, let the soldiers obey your commands must be operated. As the "March" password, included in the implementation: the first after the first leg towards the soldiers heard the password; second, every step of the stride length is 75 cm; third, 116 steps per minute frequency.

> Third

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