these are the pre pregnancy check to pay attention to what the answer. Although, most high quality couples would go to the hospital for examination before pregnancy, but there are still a part of the family because not willing to pay, without pre pregnancy check. This is a very wrong point of view, and is likely to cause serious harm to the development of the baby.

2, male attention

1, women’s attention

!Pay attention to what

based on the next generation of health care, pre pregnancy check is a project now many couples before pregnancy will do. Because only do the examination before pregnancy, can understand the body of both husband and wife, but also can avoid the adverse impact to the baby’s body, after the baby is born to a more healthy. Next we have to share the pre inspection notice what

female friends in the pre pregnancy examination, must avoid the menstrual period, in general, the need for a week after menstruation in three days, but can not to have sex, physical examination before the day to rest, and use water to clean the vagina. On the morning of the day, you must not eat any food or drink water. The first time you get up in the morning, you need to collect some of it and put it in a clean glass bottle. In addition, the day must wear cotton underwear, can not wear any metal clothing and accessories.

pre pregnancy check

male friends in the pre inspection of the 3-5 days are not capable of sexual life, abstinence time can not be too long, nor too short, it will affect the quality of sperm. And the need to take a bath on the day before the physical examination, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the body. At the same time, check the morning after the day can not eat. In addition, in the three days before check in to smoke and drink, can not eat too much of Gaotang and high fat foods, and ensure regular life, less stay up late, rest, and appropriate physical exercise.

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