countries to increase the venture funding assistance, have generous subsidies for young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurs and groups, such as the Guangzhou some time ago on the introduction of the new policy, entrepreneurs can receive a maximum subsidy of 250 thousand yuan venture. But in fact, people do not want to apply for subsidies and more than 2 billion 500 million yuan of subsidies in Guangdong province does not go out.

25 billion subsidy subsidies do not go out! This is a headache for the Guangdong provincial government. Is the policy threshold is high, down to earth or not? Entrepreneurial talent in the introduction of what the problem, what kind of support?

11 12 afternoon, the Guangdong provincial Party committee, the committee secretary Lin Shaochun met with the 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award on behalf of, suddenly interrupted the young entrepreneur’s report, he wants to hear is exactly what the difficulties encountered young entrepreneurs.

in March this year, Guangdong province published "on further promote entrepreneurship employment opinion": 2 billion 500 million yuan of funds arrangements for all types of business for 4 years, clearly not only free of all fees and subsidies paid to entrepreneurs and to relax the conditions of the home. It is worth noting that the paper proposed, in the school and graduated 5 years of ordinary colleges and universities, vocational schools, technical college entrepreneurs, giving a one-time venture funding. However, so far few applicants.

by a group of the Guangdong provincial Joint Provincial Development and Reform Commission by letter, the Department of education, science and Technology Department, the office of human resources, Department of Commerce, Department of agriculture, finance office and other 18 ministries Bureau units jointly sponsored the 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals, held in Nanhai District of Foshan city. Lasted 4 months, covering the city of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao in the region, the final of the 14 projects from the province’s nearly 3000 projects stand out from the province in the past 21. In addition to the 13 main judges, 50 investors, financial circles, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship mentor recommended

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