1, and the proportion of body to bust, too big or too small are losing the beauty of. General height (CM) multiplied by 0.53, it is more suitable for digital chest measurement, also is the golden ratio. For example, 165 cm tall women, bust in 87.45 centimeters as well.

4, and the skin of the breast nipple should clear boundaries, not prominent nipple retraction, cylindrical, slightly upward, and the color is pink. Distance between the two nipple is greater than 20cm, and the form of an equilateral triangle and the sternal notch.

plastic surgery Wang Lei, deputy director of the physician, and the United States after the communication, decided to conduct a breast reduction surgery for kenny. After the surgery, a chest by E into a C cup.

recently, "Beckham" Vitoria – Beckham "Allure" magazine open, exposes in the spice period had breast augmentation, "from 34A to 34D, and then she felt the prosthesis is too awkward, feel the chest almost up to his neck, then again in 2009, back to the original" transformation "size. Nowadays, many stars have breast implants, on numerous occasions to show your own business line, but Beckham and they draw further apart. Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, deputy director of the Department of plastic surgery Wang Lei pointed out that the big chest is not necessarily beautiful, suitable for their own body is beautiful.

because Big Breasts big chest woman became inferior

perfect bust "golden ratio"

the appearance of the pressure is the second, the pain of the body but no one can understand. Her chest became her burden, like hanging around the neck of two buckets of water, resulting in the United States every day feel Yaosuanbeiteng, neck can feel uncomfortable. Summer is the time the United States the most uncomfortable, because the thermal effect of chest is too good, the chest is always long eczema. The United States due to his chest, also become somewhat inferior, do not want to communicate with people, always walk to bend down. Finally, Mel’s parents with the United States came to a small cosmetic surgery hospital, small beautiful "burden".

2, in addition to bust size, breast shape is also very important, the perfect breast should be full and smooth and elastic, from the side should look tall and slightly upturned.

20 year old girl Mei (a pseudonym), double breasted has a proud, in the eyes of others, is enviable, but suffered only a small U.S. person know. Because of his height only 152 cm, his chest two big lump of meat, make themselves more stocky. In order to hide himself in the chest, hot days, the United States also do not wear thin clothing, always wrapped in a special loose coat. "I have not married, chest so big, later gave birth to the baby, it will not be greater, the future life will not be more painful ah!" The United States complained.

3, the size of both sides of the breast, the height should be basically symmetrical, milk axis and chest wall angle is almost 90 degrees.

5, the breast was hemispherical, and breast basal surface diameter of 10-12 cm.

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