now society, college students is a very broad group, and now there are a lot of people spotted a huge market and profit space in the university campus, shop on campus, so now in the university campus, which have good business opportunities?

entrepreneurs everywhere, no matter what is in place, the school is the student’s paradise, but also the merchant’s paradise, here you can in a very competitive earn income make others jealous, so in college what shop of the hottest


1, freshmen enrollment more than

2, love


3, DIY jewelry shop

is the personality of young people to pursue, is the one and only. DIY accessories not only meet the need of personal independence of conduct is a symbol of fashion, and.

in these jewelry store, customers can take a small container of choice. And then pick one piece, can also be made by. Small money to make a good project jewelry price from a few cents to a few tens of dollars a, do a finished jewelry about tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. The price of the jewelry store and although the price be roughly the same but because it is a DIY mode, each type of product is the one and only, while buyers can also get great pleasure from manufacturing. A string of beads, a brooch can highlight the personality of consumers and aesthetic, make people full of joy and pride in wear.


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