no matter how delicate the store’s products, no matter how high the quality of service, but because the site is not in place, resulting in no customers to visit, such shops naturally difficult to get better development. In fact, the animation is the physical consumption, is the need for a suitable store for business. This is the need to join the franchisee in order to choose their own store location for good, of course, the location of the site requires a certain skill. If you do not know the location of the animation store selection skills do not miss the following article oh!

1, look at the distance from the center of the city

we all know that the general city center is convenient transportation, the flow of people in the city’s commercial center. Store location here will have a wide range of potential consumer groups. Because the city center is a gathering place for all kinds of people, no matter what the project, the city center will have a lot of consumer groups. But the rent is very high. Therefore, the location of the animation store from the city center is based on the need to determine the economic situation.

2, look at the location of the housing property disputes exist

The rapid development of the

city will also accelerate the pace of transformation of the old city, and animation stores in the site, the transformation of the old city is also one of the thorny problems that may be encountered in the operation. Therefore, for the animation store location before, first of all, to investigate and understand the local urban planning, to avoid the demolition of the "dangerous" area set up shop. In the rental housing, but also to investigate the understanding of the use of the housing, such as housing construction quality, whether the owners have property or other debt disputes, if these problems can not be determined as the address of anime franchise location, otherwise the owner will likely fall into the endless disputes, make animation the franchise business is difficult to maintain.

3, look at the location of residents around the slower growth

for any industry, the popularity of the region is generally conducive to the creation of shops, animation stores are no exception. Therefore, as the new development area of the city, at the beginning, Xiling residents less population, if the lack of more floating population, is absolutely not suitable as a cartoon franchise shops. Although we do not rule out some time to shop in the new area, can sell goods exclusive, but unlike life activities that toy is all you need, therefore, if the number of customers is less, it is difficult to support the animation stores daily operation.

although many operators are known to give animation stores to choose a suitable location, so that the shop has a better operation, however, many people don’t know how to do such work should be in the end. Well, the animation on the site to join the small tricks on the introduction here. I hope you are on the list

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