now has such a slogan of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society to be popularized, at the same time, in many places, people also use some practical action to promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jiangsu, Nantong on the launch of the "creative money" funds.

around the traditional science and technology projects to subsidize the scale of enterprises, qualification, patents and other aspects have more threshold limit, start-ups and grassroots entrepreneurial team engaged in scientific and technological innovation is difficult to enjoy the support of government funds. The "through the creation of money" system is clear, usually in the city science and Technology Bureau, the Financial Bureau for the record of the entrepreneurial carrier service institutions within the scientific and technological start-ups and entrepreneurial team can apply for. In addition to just registered into the operation of technology-based start-ups, some young people do not have registered passenger, creative team holds the business plan, so you can also apply for the creation of coins".

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