often shopping people know bundling, daily life, many people have encountered. So, do you really understand bundling? What are the forms of bundling? May wish to come together to understand!

although bundling has been used for many enterprises, but scholars for the definition of bundling has not yet reached a consensus. Bundled sales have broad and narrow points. In a broad sense, bundling refers to the sale of two or more of its products or services, whether or not the product or service is the same. In a narrow sense, bundling refers to the sale of two or more differentiated products or services (or any difference).

this understanding bundling broadly, and bundling as follows:

classificationOn the basis of

The internal

according to binding of different objects, divided into products bundled services bundled products and services bundled with

Based on the binding mode of

fusion type binding refers to two or more bundled with the product or service into an organic whole, such as China Datang Telecom and the United States DELL company, will TD-SCDMA3G data card into DELL computer sales; physical binding refers to two or more products bundled together and is simply the sum of each other such as promotions, food companies will want different food packaging together to form a big gift.

On the basis of


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