as long as WeChat properly used, it not only allows us to communicate more easily, distance can be shortened, but also can become a good opportunity for us to get rich. For WeChat and Stoudemire with friends, because we bought a private car in her inaugural car, and she is our sales consultant reception. "My micro signal is my mobile phone number, you can add, I often release car dynamic, you can understand the first time."

WeChat has become a very popular communication tool, so I did not hesitate to add her as a friend. In fact, in addition to the content of her WeChat car information, there are some records of life Zero words words. "Today is a good day, my sister got a marriage certificate, and then became a wife……" In December 14th, I look at the circle of friends when she wrote such a talk, then quickly told the husband, he did not open WeChat. And I want to tell him the situation, because in a few days he will open the new car sticker. Stoudemire is our sales consultant, she certainly is to receive, so can we operate husband revealed the cigarette and liquor vendor in the chat, maybe you can contribute to a business.

18 evening, the husband came back from the car film, excitedly told me his mother when I shop to buy alcohol. "We said in passing when the size of our business models talk is not too big cigarette and liquor vendor, car, Stoudemire said his sister is going to marry to alcohol, I put the store address to her." Indeed, the second day, her parents and sister came to my shop, a negotiation after the purchase of ten "Mount Huangshan" (Jin Wan) and 5 cases of five years of kouzijiao. Her mother said, because it is the woman, the consumer is not large, but if there is a need to visit.

from a circle of friends to go to promote their own information, and then to a business, this is just a layer of "make groundless accusations". To promote their original intention into the customer’s own needs, I want to be far more effective than hard sell. And several colleagues talked about this matter, they have also talked about their successful experience through WeChat Trading:

Anqing Kangxi River Diyan Europe hotel boss

after the new year’s day, we entered the new house, because the district has a certain grade, the property to arrange the housekeeper, is a person in charge of a few buildings, if there is any need to direct the housekeeper can be. Shortly after I went on to add the steward of WeChat, and then she pulled into an exclusive WeChat group, where there is the housekeeper under the management of the owners, we are close to home.

in fact, I did not want to do marketing in the WeChat group, and rarely speak in the group. Just one afternoon, someone in the group asked "the new year, the wholesale price of wine", I was accosted, show their identity and occupation. "

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