in this regard, breast expert explained: in fact, female friends need not panic, because the pain is not linked with 95% breast cancers and other diseases, not too much bother. Unless it is found that there is an abnormality, or pain has hampered the work and life, it is necessary to treat treatment.

in addition, many women will feel their own breast nodules. Su Fengxi, often with pain with nodules, whether it is massive, gritty, nodular, patchy flocculent, nodules, all belong to the normal physiological phenomenon. "Like Zhang, before pregnancy, is accumulated in breast ductal epithelial cells blocked, formed a hard nodule, at the same time due to the clogging caused pain, but after pregnancy affected by estrogen and progesterone, breast can be fully developed, nodules and pain will disappear naturally."

it is understood that the following six special periods are more likely to feel pain, women generally do not have to worry about. But for long-term pain not relieved, the situation is more and more serious, or touch the breast is uneven, the edge is not clear, live on

expert: almost 100% women with breast pain, but 95% non malignant

female breast pain is very easy: it is not an exaggeration of mastitis or breast cancer precursor? The pain at the same time also touched the block, how to do? It’s not a good idea to take painkillers!

after the incubation of breast pain disappeared

Once the "

6 during the period of non malignant breast pain


Zhongshan University Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital Director of breast medical oncology department professor Su Fengxi introduced the so-called "mastodynia" is very common in the clinic of breast disease, so many patients seek medical treatment, worried that he is not suffering from breast cancer.

Professor Su Fengxi, director of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Committee on breast diseases, Professor, Department of breast cancer, Memorial Hospital of Zhongshan University, Professor

28 year old Zhang married and never had children, she was always feeling breast stiff, feeling like a stone, a gentle touch is very painful, but according to the ultrasound and magnetic resonance after all show no problem. But after the pregnancy, breast problems Miss Zhang has vanished, breast restores softness and elasticity, the pain gone "".

"this worry is unnecessary. As a result of breast pain and medical treatment of patients, only 5% of people with cancer and other serious diseases, the remaining 95% are not too large." Su Fengxi introduction, in fact, almost every woman in their lives have experienced or obvious or vague stage of breast pain, which is related to the level of female hormones. Insufficient breast development often cause breast pain. There will be a sediment left like the tide at low tide, the process of female menstrual cramps caused by changes in hormone levels, breast epithelial cells in the breast does not stop shedding update tube, formed the incomplete degradation of the situation." He explained that this is why many women feel pain in the breast before menstruation, and once menstruation, cause pain will disappear.

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