"management" in the role of the market is now more and more important, and in order to do a good job of management, supermarket operators are racking their brains. I opened the supermarket, the scope of business and beverages, daily necessities, fresh vegetables such as grain and oil products, a number of projects, almost everything, where the customer demand for goods, as long as I entered the supermarket, do not let customers disappointed.

my supermarket, a total of 16 employees, two shifts, take turns to rest. The manager in charge of the system, by the two manager responsible for the management of the supermarket. As the saying goes: "no doubt, no doubt." Whether the manager or staff alike, as brothers and sisters. On one occasion, I went to the supermarket routine health checks, found a clerk to receive customer enthusiasm.

I immediately help the clerk to receive customers, did not reveal the blame for the bad mood. The customer intends to buy a rice cooker, see the clerk be neither hot nor cold attitude, to give up to buy. Because I to warmly greet the customer bought rice cooker, the business transaction smoothly. Do business must be careful management, in order to facilitate business transactions.

after communicating with the clerk, that her mother was ill in hospital, the need to pay the hospital treatment fee, but the family is not enough time to scrape together the treatment fee, the clerk’s heart is very anxious, so the reception of the customer is not in the mood. Saving lives is big, I said nothing, lend supermarket business models to the clerk immediately, let the clerk quickly sent to the hospital for hospital admission. The day of the class, I personally for her, told her to deal with things to come back to work.

later the staff performance is very prominent, sassafras 10% commodity with neatly placed, the lack of the goods under fill quickly, the customers smile back sharply than before, the sales performance of leverage. The last to leave work early to go to work, to each evaluation, won the three red star. I have such a good shop assistant, I can’t keep my customers. A good shop assistant is a magic weapon to create benefits. The boss and employee share a common fate, to win in the fierce competition in the market.

some shopkeepers than you think of the staff employed in the attitude of a cut above others, it is not a guest, and some shopkeepers will develop a very strict system, once the violation frequently is fine, such management, it was not human, most of the time is also very easy to lose employees. Therefore, the supermarket management, may wish to treat employees as relatives, employees will be considered if things go on like this, this shop as their own shops, shops for long-term development very favorable.

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