as long as there are people who have business experience should know, sometimes it seems that there is no profit of goods, but if the heart of the business, but it can bring quite lucrative returns. This is not, do you believe it? Just because a few cents a small business, but it can bring nearly a hundred dollars in sales of goods……

this is not, by the life of old customers Zhu wife went to the store to buy a sewing needle button set. Lao Zhu went to a supermarket, the nearest asked: "boss, buy a needle."

"this year, who also sell that thing ah! Do not make money, not enough trouble." The boss replied.

so, Zhu ran a little farther, and came to my friend’s shop. When the sun had come to know the customer, then take two needles to him.

"how much is it?" Lao Zhu asked.

"Oh, what money ah! As a bonus, need to come and get it." The answer is quick.

"don’t money which it can do it, you cannot call white!" Lao Zhu listen to the shopkeeper said not money, the heart always feel sorry. Then, he took out a hundred dollar bills to the boss said: "it gives me a Xiao Lou Hongjinlong (cigarettes). Oh, no toothpaste at home……"

old Zhu to buy things, the owner of a checkout, a total of ninety-six yuan. Xiao Sun said politely: let you a dollar, find you a five yuan the whole money."

old Zhu said: "Oh, thank you ah!" Then, with the purchase of goods satisfied.

as a businessman, who want to do business, make big money, sell goods have high profits. Therefore, there are some shopkeepers tend to ignore those who think it is humble, do not make money small commodities. And the owner, to purchase small consumer goods discount service be neither hot nor cold. However, I do not know those small profits, and even small profits can not only enhance the store’s popularity, but also stimulate the sale of other goods, thereby obtaining high profits, big returns.

has such a case, if you are a manager, you will have what kind of feeling? Here, I remind the boss: the door is to do business, service enthusiasm; never ignore a small business, but can not because the little ah! Because, small commodities can bring great benefits.

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