a, alternating massage

The importance of breast

six, circular massage

the two hands respectively in the same side of the breast, with a hand gently hold your breast, then along the clockwise direction to do breast massage circle. Note that we must maintain the moderate intensity, can not hurt the breast, and can make the breast feel.

two, press

breast massage exercise how to do? The above describes the practice of six breast rubbing exercises, we can do in accordance with the above said, adhere to sit down can not only make your breasts more beautiful, you can also make your breasts more healthy oh.

put a hand on one side of the breast, to the bottom of another hand on the same side of the breast, gently hold your breast, after the hand below the breast gently upward along both sides of the breast massage.


with a hand gently hold your breast, another hand on the same side of the breast after the underarm position, from the bottom to the armpit lifting massage. It is necessary to pay attention to ensure the intensity of massage, too light massage effect is not good, too heavy will damage the breast.

five, enhance massage

in nurturing the next generation, is the mother heart Liang Chuan, also lies in the breast can produce full beauty, make you more confident, let a man intoxicated, it is self-evident importance of female breast of women, in order to make breast more beautiful, more women need to do breast massage fuck, said the following about how to do breast massage exercises.

circle massage

will hand in addition to the four fingers together the thumb, beneath the hand on the chest of the center of the bottom of the other hand on the center of the clavicle, after each hand upward downward movement, gently massage the breast.


four, spiral massage

hands palm folded together, then lift up the side of the breast, from the bottom up to do the lifts, the need to pay attention to maintain a certain intensity.

gently placed a hand on the side of the breast, and then from the inside of the breast to the armpit to do a spiral massage. Need to maintain moderate intensity, so as to be able to play the effect of massage.

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